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Startup Leadership What Company Does? Country Funding Stage Last Funding ($)
Maor BenDayan Data Platform for AI United States Series C $135M
Thomas Kraft Data Analytics Platform United States Series B $10M
Lokesh Anand Data Engineering & AI solutions United States Series B $12M
Claudia Martin Turn Data into Knowledge Uruguay Seed $3.5M
Vatsal Shah Industrial IoT Platform United States Series A $30M
Kye-Hyeon Kim Machine Learning Data Platform United States Series A $16M
Jude Gomila Mapping Human Knowledge United States Seed $40M
Michael Amori AI for Data Visualization United States Series B $37M
Yashar Behzadi Data Generation Platform United States Funded $17M
Regina Clewlow Platform for Mobility Management United States Series A $11M
David Boskovic Data Onboarding Platform United States Series B $50M
Oscar Méndez Soto Augmented Data Fabric Spain Series C $63.1M
Alex Elias The Cultural AI United States Series B $15M
Kunal Agarwal DataOps Observability Platform United States Series D $50M
Harald Collet Intelligent Document Processing United States Series A $21M
Neil Dsouza Product Data Management Tools Germany Series A $18M
Jamie Hutton Improve Decisions with Financial Data Analytics United Kingdom Series C $129M
Andrew McLeod Built for the Best Candidate and Recruiter Experience Canada Funding Round $30M
Tanguy Lesselin Leveraging Data & AI Singapore Seed Undisclosed
Harry Qi Time Management Tool United States Series A $13M
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