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August 2022


Startup Country Date Round $ Raised Investors


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Startup Category Country Date Round $ Raised Investors
Regression Games
Regression Games
Gaming/eSports United States 08/15/2022 Seed $4.2M New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Andreesen Horowitz (a16z), BBQ Capital, Roosh Ventures
Biotech United States 08/15/2022 Series A $3.9M Jeffrey Horing, Mark K. Gormley, Geoffrey Kalish, Robert Stavis, Robert Goodman
Robotics United States 08/15/2022 Series A $4.5M Melco International Development Limited, SOSV/HAX, Undivided VC, Longmont Evergreen Opportunity Fund
Health IT Canada 08/12/2022 Seed $2.4M Amplify Capital, Reverb Ventures, Relentless Pursuit Partners, Ontario Centre of Innovation, MEDTEQ+, Leva Capital
Media/Content United Kingdom 08/12/2022 Series A $20M Octopus Ventures, Local Globe, Sands Capital, Sky and Guardian Media Ventures, Entrepreneur First, BDMI, Des Traynor, John Collison, William Tunstall-Pedoe, Zoubin Ghahramani
IoT Sweden 08/12/2022 Series B $3.08M Etteplan
Health IT United States 08/11/2022 Series A $12M Whistler Capital, Yoshua Bengio, UPMC Enterprises, Pillar Venture Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Union Square Ventures, Wittington Ventures
Medical Devices United Kingdom 08/11/2022 Series B $20M EQT Life Sciences, Downing Ventures
AI/ML United Kingdom 08/11/2022 Series A $16M Kennet Partners
Data Analytics Canada 08/10/2022 Funded $15M Export Development Canada, Pender Ventures, Thomvest Ventures
Cloud Infrastructure United States 08/10/2022 Series B $40M Josh Childress, Drew Brees, Paul Rudd, Pear VC, Venrock, Bain Capital Ventures, Next Play Capital, WestBridge Capital
Manufacturing South Africa 08/10/2022 Series A $10M Industrial Development Corporation, Norican Group, Knife Capital
AutoTech United States 08/10/2022 Series C $88M Aptiv, ZF
AR/VR United States 08/10/2022 Seed $5M JOANN
Logistics United States 08/10/2022 Series A $13M Neo, Pear VC, VMG Catalyst, Insight Partners
E-commerce United States 08/10/2022 Seed $3M MSAS, 500 Global, Merak Capital
Biotech Hong Kong 08/10/2022 Series D $35M Prosperity7 Ventures
ConstructionTech United States 08/09/2022 Series D $9M GreenPoint Partners, Taronga Group
Enterprise Applications Poland 08/09/2022 Pre-Seed $439K Arkley Brinc VC
Cybersecurity United States 08/09/2022 Series A $16M Blueprint Equity, Santa Barbara Venture Partners, Blu Venture Investors
Social Networks United States 08/09/2022 Seed $2.15M PACA Ventures
Health IT United States 08/09/2022 Funded $3M ThedaCare
Food and Beverage United States 08/09/2022 Series A $24M Cleveland Avenue, Melitas Ventures
Logistics United States 08/09/2022 Series E $100M Intel Capital, Qingyue Capital Investment, Vertex Growth Fund
Manufacturing Canada 08/09/2022 Series A $14.2M Yamaha Motors Ventures
Education Belgium 08/09/2022 Seed $306K Selcuk Boydak
Sales & CRM United States 08/09/2022 Series B $17.5M Bertelsmann India Investments, Chiratae Ventures, Blume Ventures
Retail Israel 08/09/2022 Series B $35M Qualcomm Ventures, Vintage Investment Partners, Clal Insurance, IBI Tech Fund, Tal Ventures, Shufersal
AudioTech United States 08/08/2022 Seed $6M Madrona Venture Group, Cercano Management, J4 Ventures, Ascend, Jeff Richards, Dave Rosenberg, Renn Vara, Maureen Taylor
Enterprise Applications United States 08/08/2022 Pre-Seed $460K Engineering Capital, Y Combinator
Security Germany 08/05/2022 Funded $60.9M BlackRock Private Equity Partners
Space Germany 08/05/2022 Series B $19.3M DvH Ventures, MMC Ventures, Helen Ventures, Matterwave Ventures, Motu Ventures, Segenia Capital, Hannover Digital Investments
Education India 08/05/2022 Seed $180K Titan Capital
Medical Devices United States 08/05/2022 Series B $33M Steele Foundation for Hope (SFFH)
Human Capital Tech Germany 08/04/2022 Seed $1M Andreas Schmitz, Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg, Matthias Helfrich
Food and Beverage United States 08/04/2022 Series B $115M Spark Capital, Insight Partners, VMG Partners, Bright Pixel Capital, Maersk Growth, HighSage Ventures, Innovation Endeavors
FinTech United States 08/04/2022 Funded $6M Cota Capital, JAM FINTOP
Marketplaces Germany 08/04/2022 Series A $8.4M Future Industry Ventures, EquityPitcher Ventures, Seedcamp
Digital Health United Kingdom 08/04/2022 Funded $320M Schroders Capital, Jane Street Capital, Kairos, Vanderbilt University Office of Investments
Cybersecurity United States 08/04/2022 Series B $23M Istari Global Ltd, Distributed Ventures, IA Capital Group
Gaming/eSports United States 08/04/2022 Seed $5.5M Green Park & Golf Ventures, Elysian Park Ventures
Robotics Germany 08/03/2022 Seed $1M BITO Campus, Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS), Plug and Play, Franz Humer, Pi Labs, Schauenburg Ventures
Space Japan 08/03/2022 Seed $10M Yusaku Maezawa, The Creative Fund, Spiral Capital, MZ Web3 Fund, KDDI Open Innovation Fund, Jo Hirao, Hiroshi Tomishima, Headline Asia, GREE Ventures
Enterprise Applications United States 08/03/2022 Series D $90M Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Thoma Bravo, True Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Icon Ventures, World Innovation Lab, Zoom Apps Fund, Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital
Lil Durk
Lil Durk
Media/Content Canada 08/03/2022 Funded $20M Alexander Elder
Enterprise Applications United States 08/03/2022 Series A $32M Initialized Capital, Goldcrest Capital, Founders Fund, Flexport Ventures, Michael Seibel
Health & Hospital Services United States 08/02/2022 Funded $25M Hybrid Capital
Medical Devices China 08/02/2022 Funded $14M Sinopharm-CICC, Shanghai Anting Industrial Development, Fosun Pharma
Robotics Spain 08/02/2022 Pre-Seed $355M Grow Venture Partners, Capital Cell
Entertainment & Sports Germany 08/02/2022 Seed $813M Michael Shmilov, Michael Shaulov, LionCorn Capital, Lars Ettrup, Henning Thies, Edmund Ahrend, Andrea Kranzer
AR/VR United States 08/02/2022 Pre-Seed $20M MetaVision International
MarketingTech United States 08/02/2022 Funded $350K Italian Angels for Growth
E-commerce United States 08/02/2022 Series A $20M DST, Atinum Investment, SoftBank Ventures Asia, Bass Investment, Y Combinator
Consumer Internet United States 08/02/2022 Series A $15M Insight Partners, Index Ventures, Golden Ventures, Bling Capital
TransportationTech United States 08/02/2022 Seed $3.3M Pi Ventures, Connetic Ventures, Branded Hospitality Ventures
Biotech Israel 08/02/2022 Seed $22M Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Kindred Capital, NFX Bio, Harel Technology Investments, Entree Capital, Innovate UK
MarketingTech India 08/02/2022 Series B $20M India Quotient, Blume Ventures, IAN Fund
Enterprise Applications United Kingdom 08/02/2022 Funded $1.8M Shard Credit Partners
Enterprise Applications United States 08/02/2022 Series C $30M Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, First Round Capital
Travel Chile 08/01/2022 Seed $100M COREangels Pacific
Data Analytics United States 08/01/2022 Funded $100M Winklevoss Capital, Steve Case, S&P Global, New Enterprise Associates, Maso Capital Partners, Mark Cuban, Jerry Yang, Green Visor Capital
FinTech Singapore 08/01/2022 Seed $11M Samir Arora, Creador, Akash Bhanshali
AR/VR Israel 08/01/2022 Seed $8.3M Ibex Investors, Cardumen Capital, Fresh Fund
Real Estate/PropTech United Kingdom 08/01/2022 Seed $2.8M MMC Ventures, Plug and Play Asia Pacific, Italian Angels for Growth
Biotech United States 08/01/2022 Seed $5M Curie.Bio

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