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Startup Leadership What Company Does? Country Funding Stage Last Funding ($)
Johanna Hemminki Robot for Language Learning Finland Pre-Seed $101.3K
Akshay Chaturvedi Support for Study Abroad India Funded $25M
Kirill Bigai Online Language Tutors United States Series C $70M
Mark Atkinson Immersive Learning For Workplace United States Funded Undisclosed
Lokap Sahu Improve your Communication Skills India Seed $180K
Chanukya Patnaik Start Your Data Science Journey Belgium Seed $306K
Charlotte Trudgill Smart Assessment Platform Singapore Seed $1M
Damon Vangelis AI Student Engagement Platform United States Funded $117M
Bryan Talebi E-Learning Platform for Professionals United States Funding Round $5.6M
Lam Do K12 Online Education Platform Vietnam Funding Round $6M
Husayn Kassai AI Learning Coach United Kingdom Funding Round $5M
Xavier Anguera English Pronunciation Correction United States Series A $23M
Joel Hellermark AI for Learning Sweden Seed $28M
Pieter Danhieux Secure Code Training for Developers United States Funding Round $50M
Petros Christodoulou Learning Made Easy United Kingdom Funding Round $3.5M
Christopher Kahler Learning Engine United Kingdom Funding Round $6.5M
Ramiro Romero Online Learning and Teaching Marketplace Spain Funding Round $1.6M

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